Project Description

BIOTEQ Biology & Technology – is a brand that combines over 20 years of Michel Laboratory experience, the scientific potential of specialists and the targeted action of natural components. Bioteq is a synergy of modern biotechnology and traditional cosmetology, actively promoting health, youth and beauty.

BIOTEQ Biology & Technology – these are not only preparations, produced on the basis of plant extracts, they are high quality products that have a targeted effect on skin, hair and nail problems. Excellent efficiency conditioned by a carefully selected composition of active components and biosubstance, developed by biotechnologists, pharmacists and cosmetologists.


– several plant extracts are found in many recipes of our preparations

– dermatologically tested preparations, tests carried out under the supervision of specialist doctors

– production strictly adapted to the very strict international quality standards established by the European Union

– Products do not contain any preservatives, pesticides or GMOs

– Comply with environmental protection standards in production processes

– Not animal tested

– No usage of endangered plants in recipes.