Project Description

ΜANCERA perfumes offer a typical French esthetic of an eccentric, extraordinary perfumery, in a result of its luxurious inspirations and perfectionism.


The Brand’s creator, Pierre Montale, dreamed of creating a line that evokes the purity of the form of the fragrance and richness in materials of the flask.

A tribute of French refinement for a man who travels between far away and to his homeland.


It all started in 2008: Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera house. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter.

2017: Amélie becomes the artistic director for the Mancera fragrances to push this multi-generation project forward. This family sonata produces a visual and olfactory dance, a journey to the edge of remote lands where myths are born and the future is drawn.


In May 2015, Mancera takes place near Champs-Elysées in the lavish boutique of Montale. Pierre Montale invites you a magical venue for an immersive experience that will take you on a journey through the beauties and wonders of the eastern world.