Project Description

Bielenda is a family business that was founded by the great knowledge and passion of founder Barbara Bielenda, who graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdansk.

Bielenda pioneered in Poland the field of production of natural cosmetics based on natural ingredients extracted from plants. It was the first company in Poland that have used GINKGO BILOBA extract in the production of cosmetics. The owner of the brand discovered it in her travel research as the perfect plant with healing properties for the skin.

Since than the Bielenda’s cosmetics with Ginkgo Biloba extract, elicited a very enthusiastic reception in the market and have been in our portfolio constantly for last 20 years.

Drawing heavily from nature and since, the brand uses exotic plants with exceptional power that gives remarkable results in skin care. Bielenda cosmetics contain ingredients such us plant extracts, fruits and herbs, clays, micronized algaes, aromatherapy oils, caviar extract, unique exotic oils, and many others.

Nowadays, the company is using its extensive experience and knowledge in formulating new products with the most innovative and valuable natural ingredients. Bielenda is using only products from Certified Crops and ecologically approved ingredients (ECO CERT). In developing new lines, the combination of years of experience, knowledge and passion leads to the creation of safe cosmetics which offer the best results to customers of all age groups looking for an effective, yet affordable skincare treatment.