Prestige Brands S.A. is based in Athens and operates since 1999.
Our company draws upon over 20 years of experience to represent and distribute some of the most renowned and respected brands of cosmetics and perfumes, whilst our activities expand in the field of Retail and E-commerce in the Greek market.
Focusing on customer service satisfaction and brand awareness efficiency, we are engaged in distributing, marketing and branding well known brands, for a large number of different cosmetics’ categories such as selective, mass and para-pharmaceutical.
Our team is consisted of top-skilled employees and experts, ready to provide comprehensive services to a wide range of stores, such as luxury perfume stores, cosmetic chains, drugstores and department stores using their experience and enthusiasm.

We are working methodically and precisely aiming to provide superiority of products’ distribution from our suppliers. By respecting their specifications, we guarantee the correct placement of products in Greek market.
Prestige Brands’ aim, is to distribute brands which will be constantly growing into the market leaders.


Welcome to Prestige Brands’ website. 

Since 1999, our Company is laid within our three basic principles: Service, Selection and Quality.
Today, because of these principles, we are constantly recognized by our customers for reliability, customer service and product selection, and as one of the most trusted distributors and marketing activities’ provider in the field of cosmetics and perfumes in Greece.
We offer complete and comprehensive business solutions in what comes to sales and distribution, logistics, marketing and brand management for a large number of different cosmetics’ categories, such as Selective, Mass and Para-pharmaceutical.
Combining our strong focus and in-depth cosmetics’ market presence, knowledge and professional expertise with strategic synergies and management experience, we manage to provide services of superior quality and efficiency to our customers, bringing them business value, growth and development.

Our customers are all relevant and renowned companies ranging from luxury perfume stores, shops and cosmetic chains, drugstores and department stores.

Our employees are our driving force and our most important asset. Together, we set high targets and we achieve them, remaining true to the values of a company that is enjoying a dynamic growth while maintaining the mentality of a ‘’family’’ business.

The trust we have earned all these years from our employees, customers and strategic partners, is the driving force of our company’s continuing sustainable development. 
We are committed to bring to our customers the Highest Level of Customer Service and the Best Quality products.

Nick Tsolas Chairman of PRESTIGE BRANDS S.A.

The Company respects the following principles:

Accountability: Prestige Brands is accountable for the effects its activity has on society and economy. Therefore it accepts its review from organizations/bodies that operate according to the Law.

Transparency: Prestige Brands is transparent in its decisions and activities that have an impact on society.

Ethical behavior: Prestige Brands conducts its activity based on the values of honesty, justice and integrity. Such values reflect interest for people, animals and environment, as well as commitment towards handling effects from company’s activities and decisions on the interests of stakeholders.

Respect for the rule of law: The Company respects in all cases the legal framework it is governed by.

Respect for international norms of behavior: The Company respects international norms of behavior, to the extent that they do not object to the legal framework, the Memorandum of Association, the policies, regulations and in general the Group’s culture.

Respect for human rights: The Company respects human rights and recognizes their importance and universality.

Since 1999, Prestige Brands has been driven by the energy, expertise, creativity and initiative of our people. Our people work in a modern, pleasant environment that encourages and recognizes participation and offers opportunities for development. As a matter of fact, it is our commitment to offer equal opportunities to all, eradicating work place discrimination.

The ever-changing, competitive conditions in the market where the Company operates, necessitates a business frame of mind that promotes innovation and improved performance. To that end, the company invests in educational programs and training seminars for its employees.

The opportunities for advancement, our shared values and our commitment to our employees, along with the company’s dynamic outlook, make us a fascinating working environment for men and women with a vision and a spirit for productive and creative work.

It is our goal to maintain Prestige Brands as a pleasant workplace, where contribution of every employee is recognized and appreciated.

The strategic pillars that support Prestige Brands’ dynamic growth are the following:

Managing our brand portfolio is of paramount importance.

Representation of brands that correspond to the company’s guiding principles, quality and innovation. We are investing in providing new brands by establishing new exclusive distribution agreements of international trademarks.

Focusing on our people is a fundamental priority for the Company. By creating the right conditions for the improvement and development of our employees, in a contemporary and safe workplace, we manage to successfully reach our goals and move to new ones.

Continuously strive for excellence.  Being guided by integrity and respect for the community, our company is an added value for our consumers, suppliers and employees alike. In this way, we can improve financial performance in a highly competitive and dynamic international business environment.

Generate solid free cash flows and focus on cost leadership.

Loyal and highly educated team.

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