Paese is a Polish make-up brand. Paese is an Italian word meaning a ‘’land’’. A beauty land for people with all skin and beauty types. It is a brand which can be proud of the high quality and wide colour range of products, their innovative formulas and attractive packagings. Paese’s own production process allows to [...]



A gender-neutral design presented for men and for women. Timeless products based on the rich history of the brand. Elegant and high-quality fragrances that bring back the brand codes (graphics, colors, etc.) and evoke its clothing. All the history, the life and the soul of CHEVIGNON in bottles.



Company produces best-quality natural body and face cosmetics for the past 25 years. Bielenda’s portfolio now includes a variety of products for individual clients and professionals – beauty salons, Wellness & SPA centres, and beauty schools, who can choose from an extensive family of professional cosmetics. BIELENDA Professional Beauty Care Institutes are the new hallmark [...]



Pastel is a professional make up brand which follows fashion, trends and colors and even Pastel creates fashion with its products and colors. The brand offers good quality and a full range of products at reasonable prices focused on “upper mass market” requirements.



Target: Between the ages of 18 and 27. Radiant and Irresistible, Happy and Feminine. Values: Joyfulness, Cheekiness, Humour, Elegance, Feminity. Position: An accessible brand which plays with the parisian chic and provides a life changing experience. The “Fairy Juice Collection” is a quartet of fragrances and colors. 4 enchanting olfactive chapters to whisk you into [...]



ANNAYAKE cultivates feminine beauty with grace, now and into the future. Each ritual redefines femininity, reinventing and renewing it with each passing day. Every woman discovers that being beautiful means feeling more comfortable with herself and making time an ally. She develops a lasting radiance. Peacefully. Perfumes: exploring Japanese culture Each perfume explores a facet [...]

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